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Abuse Themes - What do you think?

I recently came across a tag on a bookseller's site that gave me pause. Abuse themes.
I will admit it kind of set me back on my heels and made me think twice about the book. The blurb gave no indication that the book might contain those elements and I'd intended to buy it.
But that made me think. Did I want to read a book about abuse? Did I want to watch the MC abused?
I'll also admit that I've read the Captive Prince series and Lisa Henry's The Island. But I checked those books and they didn't have the tag.
Am I just being over sensitive? But to me at least, that triggered concerns I didn't have from reading the blurb. The book looked to be just action or maybe a thriller.
Does anyone else feel this way? Is it a trigger for others? Are there other tags that wouldn't carry the connotations of rape and mistreatment?
There are people who want slave fic with its inherent abuse. Will they be disappointed in an action story with this label?
Should there be other tags that may be more appropriate for stories that don't contain actual abuse? And if so, what should those tags be?
What do you think?